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Resources - useful links 

My web optimization firm says I must link to as many people as possible to increase my chances of going up the search engine rankings. So here goes. Please don't be offended - my tongue is firmly in my cheek!

Cyclone Commerce

Stuffy office? Home smells of pets or, worse, your partner?

This client of mine, an air con and air purifier firm, are the people to make the air sweet again.

Insight Associates

Your business's books in a mess, or worse you're on the brink of closure?

This client of mine is the financial firm to sort out you and your late-paying customers.

Your Golf Coach

Swing going horribly wrong - you are your own worse handicap.

This client is the golf expert to sort out your game and get you swinging again.

Spectrum Promotions

Want to make mugs of your clients?

Get branded crockery from this client of mine.


Getting hitched? This client will turn your wedding invitation into an interactive CD.

If your mother-in-law to be is a technophobe, this is a must. She won't be able to find the church!

Total Logic Security

Protect your laptop, phone and golf clubs against loss or theft.

This client can do it with a massive database and a little label!


Beat the 118 services and get phone numbers for free!

Sometimes it's down but otherwise this service is excellent.

Royal Mail

This service does the same thing for addresses and postcodes.

And again it's free!


This is my personal bank.



This is my business bank.

Double yawn!


These nice people can be your nightmare.


Cambridge Network

This is one of several networking organizations I belong to.

It often runs stories on me, so I thought I'd return the plug.

Round Table

This is what I used to do outside work...

But now I've got too old - sob, sob, sob.


This is what I do instead...

Dance the night away - and get fitter and slimmer at the same time!


This is what I do once a year...

Captain Britain's hacks to defeat at our very own journalists' skiing Olympics.