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easyJet's the Juice staff magazine

'There was a gap in easyJet airline company's internal communications. Fleet Street Flair helped to fill this gap with "the Juice - a taste of orange life", a full-colour, fun and informative staff magazine that has become a "must read" for our 2,000 staff'

- Bridjeen Rea. Internal Communications Manager, easyLand, London-Luton Airport

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Roxboro Network staff magazine

`The group magazine is an ideal way for employees to find out more about the group in a condensed format and at their leisure'

- Harry Tee, Chief Executive Roxboro Group plc

Lee Valley Park's partnership magazine

'Our partnership magazine is having a very positive effect´

- Peter Warren, Head of Corporate Marketing Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

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FLS Aerospace's Your Magazine for staff

`The staff magazine has made a major contribution to making a "family" out of our 3,500 employees´

- Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen, former Managing Director FLS Aerospace ltd

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Over 100 headlines in under six months.

Fleet Street Flair was commissioned to make the people of London, Essex and Hertfordshire more aware of their regional park, Lee Valley.Within five months Fleet Street Flair had placed more than 100 stories in the press, ranging from news stories to double-page features - all at a fraction of the cost of less-effective advertising

Over 100 headlines in under six months.
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Lee Valley Park

`Fleet Street Flair presented us with a volume and quality of publicity we had never seen before´

- Peter Warren, Head of Corporate Marketing Lee Valley Park

Hitting the headlines - in a positive way

Fleet Street Flair was contracted by LondonWaste Limited to handle its PR for two years. During that time LondonWaste was applying to build a £50m extension to its Energy-from-Waste power station in north London. Hundreds of stories, placed by Tony, helped overcome public opposition to this major industrial operation

Hitting the headlines - in a positive way

`Fleet Street Flair made a major contribution to the success of our public consultation over a £50m plan to expand´

- David Sargent, Managing Director LondonWaste ltd

Recruiting volunteers for a drugs trial

Fleet Street Flair was contracted by the world-famous fertility clinic Bourn Hall to increase recruitment of volunteers for a vital drugs trial. By placing stories in local papers that stressed the importance of the new medicine undergoing its final tests and the important role volunteers would be playing, Fleet Street Flair enabled the trials to be successfully concluded

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BournHall Clinic

`Compared to advertising your media campaign was much more successful´

- Bioscience Clinical Bourn Hall Clinic

Conference received national publicity following FSF campaign

`We have been delighted by the effectiveness of Fleet Street Flair's media campaigns for Survive, the user group for business continuity professionals. Tony Gearing was brought into our organisation after a change of ownership and management. He has got Survive publicity in several national newspapers, including the Financial Times, plus TV and radio, regional and specialist press. For our annual conference, he got us publicity before, during and after. The importance of the conference was enhanced by having television and radio in attendance. With Tony's help, we will be building on this in future years'

- Chief Executive, Survive

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investment bank - Evolution Beeson Gregory

'Fleet Street Flair has trained all the analysts in our research department. Tony Gearing went much further than normal trainers and our investment bank has reaped the rewards. He not only came in to discuss our requirement but spent time watching our analysts at work before developing courses specifically for us aimed at enhancing our analysts' presentation and writing skills. Tony's background in national newspaper business journalism gives him a good understanding of investment banking and writing about business. In addition he has the depth of knowledge, personality and the patience to get the best out of people'

- Andy Yeo, Head of Research, Evolution Securities

investment analysts - Arete Research

'Arete Research prides itself on writing short, sharp investment reports for its clients. Fleet Street Flair's excellent training showed us how to make our reports even shorter and sharper. One analyst also benefited from some individual coaching'

- Arete Research

Editing Endorsements - Listen To Our Satisfied Customers in the City of London. . .

stockbroker - Bridgewell Securities

'Tony Gearing of Fleet Street Flair brings his national newspaper flair to Bridgewell Securities' investment notes, and with a quick turnaround time. We can email him a note, running to 10,000s of words, and, within a couple of days, he will send it back edited for a better read and with attractive headlines. Tony's background in business journalism gives him the knowledge and the ability to understand and improve upon our detailed work. His skills help our notes stand out from our rivals'.'

- Richard Jeffrey, Head of Research, Bridgewell Securities

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