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PR - getting you coverage

Fleet Street Flair Limited has been handling public relations for clients since 1996.

One of its earliest PR campaigns was to raise the profile of Lee Valley Park, a 10,000-acre leisure and conservation park in north and east London, and Essex and Hertfordshire.

Fleet Street Flair got the park into over 100 publications in under six months. Many local weekly newspapers carried one or two-page 'spreads' on the previously, almost unnoticed park. Regional magazines carried multi-page features.

Handling Public Relations

Fleet Street Flair came up with the ideas for the stories, wrote the words and took the photographs. Almost all went in 'word perfect' - such is the ability of Fleet Street Flair to match the client's message to the targeted media.

The Park's Marketing Director Peter Warren said: 'Fleet Street Flair presented us with a volume and quality of publicity we had never seen before.'

Fleet Street Flair handled the PR for a major public consultation by LondonWaste Limited. The waste company wanted to extend its waste incinerator in north London by 50 per cent. There was bound to be objections from the many thousands of people living nearby.

Fleet Street Flair placed positive stories in the local media, replied to critical stories and produced quality publications that explained the need for the expansion. It also educated the public about the waste crisis and the need to recycle more.

LondonWaste's Managing Director David Sargent said: 'Fleet Street Flair made a major contribution to the success of our public consultation.'

Recently we have promoted exhibitions and conferences for public and private bodies. The booking line was 'ringing off the hook' at Business Link for London after Fleet Street Flair got pre-publicity for its exhibition. The reputation of the Survive Conference - with thousands of members worldwide - was enhanced after its London conference appeared in the FT and other national papers and on TV and radio.

Small businesses have also benefited from Fleet Street Flair's skill and dedication. Alec Rivers, Managing Director of Rivers IT in Hertford, said: 'You delivered on all your promises.'

National Newspapers, technical and Trade Press

Fleet Street Flair can 'translate' subjects and write them in a form that will be taken up by national newspapers.

It can write in a more sophisticated way for the specialist technical and trade press.

It can interest all media - from press and TV to the internet portals - in your organisation, in a positive way.

Of course, clients have the final say on what is put out in their name.

Now hear what our satisfied customers have to say . . .

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