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Former Telegraph Deputy Editor provides quality training

I am a former national newspaper journalist, having been Deputy Editor of The Weekly Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph´s award-winning international weekly, for five years.

During 10 years at the top of the media, I also worked on the business desks of The Independent and The European, and freelanced for many publications from The Sunday Times to national magazines.

Now, following a lifestyle change, I provide freelance communication services, but with no less commitment, talent and enthusiasm than I brought to newspapers.

You can read about my PR and publishing services on other pages of this website. But here I want to talk about my writing training and editing services...

The Information Age ought to be called the Information Lost Age. Every organization is bombarding other organizations and individuals with communications. But it is not enough that everyone has the tools on their PC to be mini publishers. If you don't do something to make your messages stand out, they are likely to get lost.

The City of London is my main market. I have trained City analysts to write investment notes that have become ´must reads` among fund managers. I have taught management consultants to write reports that ´turn on` clients. I would love to teach lawyers to write English that is easily understood. But you can`t have everything.

I have given training in other organizations outside the City. I have taught assembly line workers to write staff newsletters that their colleagues can´t wait to read.

In short I bring Fleet Street Flair to your communications.

I design each course to meet your specific requirement and deliver it the way you want. One new format I am offering is `byte-size learning´. I thoroughly read a client´s work, then go and see them at their place of work - for as little as an hour - with recommendations on how to improve their work.

But I also provide conventional training for groups and individuals on courses running from a few hours to a few days. These can be on-site or off-site, as you wish.

I also do outsource editing and design. If your organization is happy with the content of its publications but wants help with the editing and/or design, I do this to the high standards of a quality newspaper in fast turnaround times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Tony Gearing, Managing Director, Fleet Street Flair

Now hear what clients say about my training . . .

Now hear what clients say about my editing . . .

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